If you own or rent property, use the NFT sell your rights to it


Use the NFT as a way to find properties to buy or to crowdfund a purchase

Types Of Rights


Owners of these NFTs are granted rights to income of properties that occupied/rented.   The benefit of owning these NFTs are the potential for earnings to be sent directly to the NFT holder’s wallet address by the project owner.


Owners of these NFTs are granted rights to usage. These properties are not generating income, but come with usage rights.  If the project owner chooses, they can grant rights to income if they property gets rented or leased.


Owners of these NFTs are granted rights to appreciation.   The benefit of owning these is the potential for property appreciation to be sent to the holder when the property is sold.

Sellers (Property Owners + Renters)

You can use sell usage or rights to property you own.  

How it works:

  • Create listing of property
  • Determine rights (usage, appreciation, rental income etc.)
  • Determine shares
  • If usage:
  • Determine usage terms (time, type)
  • If rental – give rental income %
  • If appreciation – determine terms

More Details

Property Buyers (Crowdfunding)

Our platform allows you to raise funds amongst people you know and attract others to help fund your property purchase.

How it works:

  • Identify property
  • Create a listing (+ link to property listing)
  • Add your contact info
  • Decide how many shares

More Details

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