Property Owners

Sellers (Property Owners + Renters)

Everyone owns some valuable property that isn’t fully being realized.  If you own a house, an apartment or land, you can obviously sell it to realize the value.  You could also break up the ownership into fractions (REITs), time units (timeshares) or component rights (meta-rights) and sell those pieces, if they are represented as NFTs.

Real estate ownership implies rights into usage, income and appreciation.  Each of these component rights or meta-rights can be represented by an NFT or a series of NFTs.  Usage right NFTs allow holders to use the property, income rights NFTs entitle holders to rental profits and appreciation right NFTs entitle holders to profits on a sale.

For example, say you own a plot of raw land, which has usage and appreciation value, but no income since it’s vacant.  You bought it expecting value to increase but never plan to use the land for anything.  You can list the usage rights as an NFT, so that someone looking for a private camping spot or a business that wants to lease land can buy the usage rights/NFT from you.  

You get to keep the rights you cared about and sell other rights to interested parties.  In this form, the other party could even resell that NFT for a different price, and you both can get paid a royalty on every resale!  All this is possible without changing any current real estate record (at the bank, tax office, or insurance company) because you still own the property on record. We just provide the means to connect you with buyers.

Now imagine there’s a service platform starting up dedicated to connecting land owners and private land campers. Since your NFTs are searchable on the blockchain, they could automatically list your NFTs to their marketplace. You don’t need to re-list your NFT ever again!

If you rent your home, you also own property in the form of usage rights.  What if you were able to offset your rent by offering up your home for parties and gatherings?  Airbnb enabled renters to effectively subdivide their usage right into shorter lease.  We can help you subdivide your usage rights into even more rights.

How it works:

Our platform allows you to sell usage or rights to property you own.

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