Property Buyers

Property Buyers / Crowdfunding

For each crowdfunding project, there is a project owner who creates the project, dictates the terms, and carries out all the administrative work of transacting property.  This owner can be a person or a company.  

What can be done is similar to a REIT (real estate investment trust) where people can pool together funds to purchase property controlled by the group. This concentrates some of the logistical and administrative burden of  finding/maintaining property, and lowers the financial hurdle of investing in property.  But unlike a REIT, the group can fund specific properties.

Right now, project owners can use our platform to create a crowdfunding project using tokens.  You just need to give us the link to the property listing and determine the number of fractional shares and how much you want to raise.  We will then create a series of tokens to reflect the shares that each investor/participant can purchase.  

During the early stages of our platform, project owners should expect to market the project themselves to their network.  As Fractal’s community grows, we will bring potential investors to these projects.

There’s been a lot of interested in managing real property with DAO’s.  The technology & governance ability is still in early days, but as it matures, we may adopt them if they can improve our processes. Click here to read more about one way this is done.

How it works:

Our platform allows you to raise funds amongst people you know and attract others to help fund your property purchase.

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