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Britton Timber Tract – 1/100 Share

Britton Timber Tract is a 1,848 acre contiguous planted pine and bottomland hardwood property in Brunswick County, North Carolina about 50 minutes south of Wilmington.

This tract is an opportunity to invest in a long term, institutionally managed forest with healthy timber of diverse ages, providing for the possibility of multiple cash flow events.

The property consists of about half planted pine and half hardwoods with no visible evidence of pest or weather damage, as determined by an onsite inspection by a member of AcreTrader’s Timber Acquisitions team. The pine plantations are largely of merchantable age (20-25 years), with some younger stands (5-10 years) providing solid appreciation as they mature, while the hardwood stands range from 15 to 85 years old. This diversity of age classes allows for multiple harvesting and thinning opportunities over the next decade.

The expected harvest schedule alternates between planned pine harvests and select harvests of mature hardwoods, during which we intend to remove larger, higher-value trees. In addition to generating cash flow for investors, these select harvests promote forest health by opening the forest canopy and allowing younger trees to add height and volume.

Britton Timber Tract enjoys flat terrain and convenient road access from both the north and south. It recently received significant capital improvements undertaken by the present owner. These consisted of brush clearing along major interior roads, which can increase operability throughout the year and allow for potential wet weather harvest.

This property has been under institutional ownership and professional management since the mid 1990s. Since 2007, it has been overseen by a single timber management firm on behalf of a pension fund.

This region represents a new timber market for AcreTrader investors and one that is seeing rapid development. Brunswick County has been one of North Carolina’s fastest-growing counties for the past decade. The area enjoys an extensive mill infrastructure, and timber operations enjoy additional export market opportunities due to proximity to Atlantic seaports.

A well-managed tract of this size allows for many possible exit options, including resale as a timber property or division and sale into the Wilmington recreational market. There is a current hunting lease on the property, which we expect to carry forward.

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