Howling Dog Guest House

This NFT represents 30-day leasing rights to Howling Dog Guest House (

Howling Dog Guest House sits on the lush green slopes of Mauna Kea at a cool 1400ft elevation making this a perfect blend of blue and green. Views of Mauna Kea summit, the green valley down past Hilo, and out over the eastern volcanic rift all the way to the blue ocean horizon.

The property is located on Kaiwiki Road in Hilo, Hawaii.  It's only 5 miles from downtown Hilo, but feels like another place in time. The temperatures at this elevation are 60-85°F and we have frequent rain showers. It is rarely hot enough to need A/C, and during the winter months you may want an extra blanket at night! Perfect weather to enjoy cool nights for snuggling and warm days for island fun.

Stroll in the garden and pick some ripening fruit. Nap in the hammock among the bird song. Play a family game on the lawn or grab some gear and head down the hill to Honoli’i Beach.

Howling Dog Guest House offers plush sleeping arrangements for up to 8 guests. Whole Cottage or single room rentals.




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