Crypto News For Realtors

Keep up with all the latest news on crypto and real estate.  CNR is a weekly newsletter authored by Richard Hopen, a licensed broker at Compass with a insider’s perspective of crypto in the brokerage industry.  Visit Richard’s blog directly here.

Crypto News for Realtors – Issue 16

MAY 22, 2022 | Issue 16 Who Is Still Interested in Crypto? This past week, I began presenting to my CØMPASS colleagues about crypto. I spoke to two offices and I have four more talks scheduled. I suspect that my calendar will fill up with presentations as word spreads inside

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Crypto News for Realtors – Issue 15

MAY 15, 2022 | Issue 15 A HISTORIC WEEK FOR CRYPTO Let’s begin with the TerraUSD Luna stablecoin saga. I cover it in more detail below, but the highlight is that TerraUSD, like all stablecoins, was designed to trade for $1 USD per coin. Terra had a unique mechanism to

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