Submit Your Property Listing (Under Construction)

There are two ways to get your property listed on Fractal’s marketplace.

Step 1, you’ll need to have an NFT for your property.  You can mint the NFT on Fractal or use any other service you choose.

If you choose to mint your NFT through Fractal, we will automatically add your NFT to our marketplace once the NFT is minted.  The speed of minting your NFT will depend on our request volume.

If you have an existing NFT listing created elsewhere, you can skip to Step 2 to submit a listing request. 

2) Submit Listing

For quality purposes, we’re currently only accepting submission for property already listed elsewhere. This allows us to verify the property exists, is for sale, and should give us the details we need to create a proper listing. It can be a link to a public listing on, Airbnb, Zillow, an NFT listing on OpenSea or a custom webpage you created.

If you’ve purchased a listing NFT, provide the wallet address holding the NFT.  If you purchased through PayPal, provide your account’s email address. 

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