Land in Germantown, NY

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Land in Germantown, NY

A beautiful property upstate New York to enjoy nature’s beauty and bounty. The land represents an ideal recreational parcel that is mostly flat with two nice open meadows and clean woods to explore. A seasonal stream and pound add to the amenities, and you can find plenty of wildlife on the property including deer, turkey and even an eagle soaring above.

There are 3 gated entries into the property and you’ll find it easy to discover all of the property’s highlights by driving on the small roadways or walking the many trails that traverse the grounds. The land has been upgraded with three driveways and roadways throughout the property with grading and fine gravel.

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Drop Information

The goal is to raise $120,000 to buy this 14.45 acre plot of raw land in Germantown, New York. The land will be used for a range of purposes, determined by the investors. We see opportunities that’s residential (cabins, tiny home communities), commercial (corporate retreat), agricultural (cannabis and/or community gardens), or ideally, all of the above.

How it Works

Investors in project buy NFTs that represent indirect fractional land ownership. It will be 10 NFTs available to purchase for 12,000 each. Each token holder will be granted rights of usage and voting through a newly formed company that will own the property. The newly formed company will grant rights to the NFT holders.

The offering is expected to be completed by year-end 2021 with the raised amount to be used to acquire the land in the first half of 2022. If the land isn’t acquired, the investment (less startup/R&D expense) is refunded, minimizing risk to investors. Putting aside the potential commercial usage, investors are buying land at market value. Early investors will be granted the highest economic upside. We expect to abide by all local security laws.

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