“Fractalizing” is a way for you to crowdfund any purchase or investment.  Say you want to purchase a particular property or share, but don’t want to come up with all the necessary funds yourself, you can use our platform to break it into shares or “fractals” , which resemble the larger piece.  

Start by submitting a project using the form below.  Once you submit the project, you will receive tokens that represent these shares.  The listing will show up on our and other web3 marketplaces, which brings awareness to your project or shared by you to your network.

Submit A Property


Link to the property listing you want to crowdfund. For whole properties, link to a listing site (like or For fractional properties, link to the fractional platform's listing (like on or


Selected Value: 10
Number of shares ("fractals") you want to create
How much is needed for the purchase?
Describe any details of the project you want potential crowdfunders to know. It's best practice to describe what each share represents and what buyers are entitled to.


Participants will want to know something about you, the project owner and how to contact you with any question they may have
Tokens will be minted and sent to this address.
We will email you once the tokens are created.

How It Works

First provide the link to the property, then decide on how much you want to raise and the number of shares/tokens/fractals.  


Once you submit the project, we will create the tokens that will represent your shares and send it to your cryptocurrency wallet. We’ll email you once the tokens are created.  You can now list those on a token marketplace like OpenSea (or on our site) and sell/advertise to friends and family.  How much you sell each token for is up to you, but it should be around the same price as the amount to raise divided by the number of shares or slightly higher to add extra margin to cover your expenses, compensation for managing the project and our fees (1%).


We can advise on the project and how to legally set up a structure to do this, but it’s effectively your project after the tokens are created.  By selling a token, you are entitling the buyer a right to a share of the property if you purchase it.  The token is a fundraising tool that uses cryptocurrency as opposed to fiat money.  We take a % on transactions of all tokens created by our smart contracts as a fee to facilitate the process, but you are free to create the tokens elsewhere and not pay this fee.  If you’d like us to advise you on the whole project, we will take a slightly higher fee.  If the amount is raised, then you will have the funds to buy the property by selling the cryptocurrency. If the amount isn’t raised, then you should reject the bids on the tokens or refund the funders by sending the cryptocurrency back to the bidders’ wallet addresses.  

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