Fractional + Crowdfunding Real Estate Investment Platforms

Hundreds of Ways to Buy and Invest

We’ve aggregated over 100 platforms around the world that make it easy to invest in real estate.  Broadly, your options fall into a couple of categories:

Fractional real estate is an investment structure that allows you to buy a portion of a home or commercial property instead of the entire property. There’s multiple types of fractional real estate. Most typically, the property is held under an LLC and divided into fractions represented as shares or tokens. Purchasing these fractions in the property LLC can give rights to rental payments and proceeds from the sale of the property. Other fractional shares of property comes with usage rights, similar to a time-share model. 

Crowdfunding for real estate investors is a fast-growing segment of financing. Similar to peer-to-peer lending and private lending, crowdfunding for new and experienced real estate investors offers a non-traditional financing option for rehabbers, fix and flip, and buy and hold investors

Online auctions are no different than a traditional auction, except they are held online. During Covid, real estate auctions increasingly moved online. This allows for pre qualified buyers to enter bids online. 

Here are your options so far (our list is growing over time).  


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