Launch Your Own NFT

For real estate companies, Fractal can turn any offering into a custom NFT collection.  We take care of all the technical implementation and provide consulting on structure, terms and marketing.  At the end of our engagement, you will have a collection of NFTs ready to be bought and sold.  


Provide all technical requirements to conduct offering via tokens

Develop custom smart contract (ERC 721 or 1165)

Mint tokens on blockchain of choice


Advise on structure and terms

Provide template for contract between buyers and sellers

Consult on marketing, regulatory and legal considerations


Custom and featured listing on Fractal Marketplace

List on open NFT marketplaces as desired


1% of transactions using our technology

Sliding scale or fixed fee for large offerings

Minimum fee upfront

Additional Services

Marketing and communications management

Manage the sale

Complex custom smart contract features

Tech integration with client platform

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