Claim Listing Using Address

Chances are, your property or property that you’re interested in already has a listing created somewhere online.  For individual homes, we make it easy to create a listing on our marketplace by simply entering in the address. 

Let us know your relationship with this specific property, whether you’re the owner, leaser or interested in renting or buying it.  Then provide how much you will sell or rent the property for or how much you will offer to buy or use it (include a timeframe in the price for rentals) and your email address.

All listings created on our site (not through a platform) have a blockchain token, enabling the listing to show up on other platforms and broadening its reach.  If you provide your cryptocurrency wallet address (only Ethereum and Polygon for now), we will send the token to your wallet once it’s created.  It then shows up on our marketplace and you’re free to list it on any other web3-enabled/NFT marketplace.

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