NFT Your House

NFT Your House

We’re introducing a service that can make using NFTs for your property easier.  You can now claim an NFT for any home in the US for free!   We’re starting with residential homes in the US only, but will expand this service the other properties.  One free NFT per user at this time. 

Simply enter the address of the property and let us know your relationship with it, whether you’re the owner, leaser or interested in renting or buying it.  Then provide how much you will sell or rent the property for or how much you will offer to buy or use it (include a timeframe in the price for rentals).  

Then give us your email address so we and interested parties can contact you.  If you have an Ethereum wallet address, provide that too. We’ll notify you when the NFT can be claimed or send the NFT directly to your wallet when it’s ready.  

Once you have your NFT, you can list it on any NFT marketplace, including automatically on ours.  For instructions on submitting listings to our marketplace, using NFTs for other properties, additional NFTs or pay to accelerate the entire process, please see our LIST PROPERTY page.  This is not required.

Organizations exploring NFTs should email us directly at