Apartment 706 New Jersey


Brand New 1 Bedroom Apt in NJ

This beautifully finished 1 bedroom apartment is located in a brand new residential building (Solala) in North Bergen, New Jersey – which is uniquely designed for holistic, balanced and luxurious modern living. The apartment is filled with sunlight and has a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline.

The expansive living space allow for a large area to entertain and come together, while gas fireplace and automated lightning system combine to create a cozy, comfortable sanctuary. The custom Italian kitchen is your gourmet dream come true and the luxurious bathroom with spa tub is the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

Solala is nestled in a unique cliffside location along the Hudson River waterfront; home to a growing community of restaurants, shopping, entertainment and transit-friendly living. Enjoy endless options, from nearby water-ferry, light rail and express bus service, to short drives that can place you at the GWB, the Lincoln Tunnel, and three international airports in minutes.

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The share represents ownership rights to 100% of the apartment unit. The share is represented by an NFT.

That NFT serves as a certificate of ownership rights and because your ownership right is represented by an NFT, it can be resold, at potentially any price. 

This is a pilot for an innovative, sustainable and accessible way to enable property ownership.

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