About Fractal Property

Fractal is creating a marketplace for new forms of real estate transactions to flourish.  We do this by enabling buyers and sellers to create listings in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) so they can find each other.  We don’t replace anything that’s current required to transact, we simply enable types of transactions that weren’t possible before and grow niche markets that aren’t currently being served. 

Fractal can do something for every person on the planet because everyone has a housing need.  We see the opportunity for NFTs to be used, not just by the rich, but everyone to more efficiently find and pay for property usage and ownership.   

Fundamentally, the only things that are needed are two parties who want to transact, and the technology that allows them to find each other and pay.  That’s it.  Perhaps the best example of this are ridesharing apps like UBER and Lyft that simply connect people looking for a ride to pay people offering one.  Their rise in popularity made car usage more efficient and, in turn, more accessible/affordable.   We want to do the same for housing and real estate, but without platforms controlling everything.  With NFTs or listings created by sellers and buyers, it is them who dictate how the property is used, not us or any company in the middle.  

We’re just here to educate and provide the tools.  Whether you’re a property owner, renter, someone looking for property, a broker, a real estate company, there is something you can make a listing for and find a market on the other side. 

A fractal is an infinitely repeating pattern that looks the same at different scales.  We hope the uses we spark here can serve as examples to be repeated at larger scales over time.

"...beautiful, damn hard, increasingly useful. That's fractals."

- Benoît Mandelbrot (who coined the term "fractal")

Our History

Q2 2021
- Form company to NFT real assets
- Develop smart contracts
- DIY minting capability
Q2 2021
Q3 2021
- Website launched
- Initial product offering
- Strategize & product test
- Market insights
Q3 2021
Q4 2021
- Beta test marketplace
- NFTs for crowdfunding
- Initial pilot partners
Q4 2021
Q1 2022
- Marketplace launched
- Claim NFT product
- Develop partnerships
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
- Product development
- Partner products
- User-created listings
Q2 2022

Products & Services

We offering a range of products for listings and services such as consulting and development.  If you’re an investor or just want to get involved, please email info@fractalprop.com or contact us from the form in our homepage

We offer NFT creation and listing services to individual property owners

We offer a range of enterprise services such as consulting and development.  

For investors and those wanting to get involved

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