Fractal Property

A Hub For Real Estate NFTs



Fractal Property is helping modernize real estate with blockchain, web3 and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).  We’re here to educate and develop a global ecosystem whereby all physical real estate is accompanied by a digital token, making property more accessible, efficient, and profitable.  

Our live marketplace consolidates physical (not virtual) properties that have NFTs.  We offer a range of services to create new forms of real estate transactions and address niches that have been underserved by traditional real estate markets. 

Partnering with creative thinkers, real estate owners and companies to create new solutions.  


A self-repeating and never-ending pattern that’s “beautiful, damn hard, increasingly useful. “

Real Estate & NFTs

NFTs are perfectly designed for real estate since both are unique & transactions only involve changing records, not transferring physical assets (you don’t deliver a house).

They don’t replace the current way real estate is bought and sold.  They make current processes more efficient, open up the market of potential buyers, and enable more custom transactions.

Buy & sell property rights, fractionize real estate, crowdfund, share income, resell shares, and test out just about any product you can think of.

Modernizing Real Estate

Real estate is long overdue for modernization.  Web3 technologies like NFTs can benefit every party involved by creating new models and products that reduce inefficiencies.

How it Works

An NFT can represent anything you want it to.  Think of it as a property listing that’s fully customizable.

It starts with creating an NFT which can be done using a minting site or through us.  Once created, it can be listed in our marketplace and other marketplaces, allowing anyone in the world to see your offering and participate.


We’re looking for help from real estate partners, investors, developers, designers, even interns. 

If you’d like to get involved, please contact us.