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Growing Ways To Own Real Estate

Real estate ownership is evolving and new ways to find, buy, manage and own property are emerging.  Technology and new platforms can make it easier, more efficient, lower risk, and provide more options to invest in real estate.  We aggregate these options for you and help you find what’s right for you.  


Individuals pool money to fund purchases of single and niche properties, not just invest in a fund


Co-ownership of the deed itself or splitting of usage rights, providing liquidity and access to properties that have been historically out of reach


Auctions conducted digitally, where anyone in the world can participate and technology handles the entire bidding process in real-time

What is Fractional and Crowdfunded Real Estate?

Fractional real estate refers to the practice of multiple individuals or entities owning a property together by dividing it into shares or percentages. It allows investors to purchase a fraction of a property rather than owning it entirely. This shared ownership can take various forms, including fractional ownership, fractional use, private residence clubs, and real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Crowdfunding is another option within fractional real estate where multiple investors pool their resources to collectively invest in real estate projects. It typically involves an online platform where individuals can contribute varying amounts of money toward a specific property or development. Crowdfunding platforms provide opportunities for individuals to invest in real estate with lower capital requirements and potentially gain access to a broader range of properties and projects.


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