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What is Web3-Enabled Real Estate?

Web3 enabled real estate is property ownership that can be bought and sold digitally. This innovative space was spurred on with the growth of online crowdfunding platforms in the 2010’s and has expanded with the advent of tokenized assets and blockchain based systems that make it easier to fractionalize and transact real world assets. Web3 enabled real estate includes single properties, portfolios, REITs and cuts across all property types: residential, commercial, land and industrial. Below are the main vehicles for digital property ownership:


Pooling investor money to fund investment opportunities in real estate. Often times done through a private REIT but can also used to be fund purchases of single family rental properties.


Digital auctions where buyers bid against each other with the auction platform acting as an invisible auctioneer by regulating the entire bidding process and updating bid prices/increments real time.


This can mean ownership to the property deed itself and include usage rights or owning shares in a property as an investment with many different investors splitting the cost of a property.


The process of issuing a blockchain token (security token) that digitally and legally represents a real asset. Consumers are able to purchase NFTs and receive partial rights to a property.


Real estate that is transacted with crypto currencies such as bitcoin or others. Allows for transactions to be verified and maintained by a decentralized system.


Any existing property listing can become a web3 listing.  Start by creating a listing on our site.  We can guide you through the process or connect you with one of our affiliate partners that are best suited for your needs. 


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