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Growing Ways To Own Real Estate

Real estate ownership is evolving and new ways to find, buy, manage and own property are emerging.  Technology and new platforms can make it easier, more efficient, lower risk, and provide more options to invest in real estate.  We aggregate these options for you and help you find what’s right for you.  


Individuals pool money to fund purchases of single and niche properties, not just invest in a fund


Co-ownership of the deed itself or splitting of usage rights, providing liquidity and access to properties that have been historically out of reach


Auctions conducted digitally, where anyone in the world can participate and technology handles the entire bidding process in real-time

Web3 enable your PROPERTY

If you find a property on our marketplace or elsewhere, you can crowdfund it using web3.  Sellers can web3-enable their existing properties to attract more buyers or fractionalize the property so multiple buyers can have ownership.  The process to start is as easy as creating any property listing.  You can do it yourself or we can guide you through the process. 

How Does Web3 Have To Do With Real Estate?

All real estate in the real world (not the metaverse) can have an optional blockchain token attached to it, allowing it to be more easily discoverable and transacted online. Any property can have tokens that represent ownership or interest in the property, similar to a deed but electronic. This can include any type of property, such as a single home, apartment, or commercial building, as well as portfolios of properties. Web3 opens properties up to more types of transactions, such as crowdfunding, fractional ownership, auctions, and transaction through cryptocurrency. With web3, a property listing only needs to be created once, making the current process of listing on multiple platforms soon obsolete. Learn about all the potential uses:


Blockchain is an added digital layer to manage transactions and ownership. It doesn't replace anything about the physical property.


Unique blockchain tokens can be used to legally represent ownership interest and manage partial rights to a property.


Transact with crypto currencies such as bitcoin or others. Allows for instant transfer and real-time verification of ownership.


For any questions, feedback, partnerships, or if you’d like to list your properties:

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